Commissioners Docket for January 9, 2011

4:30 PM      Called Meeting for Executive Session to Discuss Personnel

6:00 PM      Workshop, Executive Session if Needed

7:00 PM      Regular Meeting

Call to Order
Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

New Business-Action Items

Docket       Item
2012-01-001  Approval of Agenda, Additional Items if Needed
2012-01-002  Election of Chairman
2012-01-003  Election of Vice Chairman
2012-01-004  Appointment of County Clerk
2012-01-005  Appointment of Legal Counsel
2012-01-006  Appointment to Planning and Zoning Commission
2012-01-007  Appointment to Zoning Board of Appeals
2012-01-008  Approval of Bank Transition Plan
2012-01-009  Approval of Contract for Board of Elections
2012-01-010  Authorization to Form By-Laws Committee
2012-01-011  Establishment of 2012 Qualifying Fees for Elected Offices

Information Items
Animal Control Policies Update-Doug Manning
February Workshop Item-Employee      Wellness Program
February Workshop Item-Docket Management Software
February Workshop Item-County Ordinance Update
February Workshop Item-LOST Negotiations
Need for a Joint Development Workshop in February

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