The Board of Commissioners honored the Jackson United Methodist Church on the occasion of its 200th Birthday, which is being celebrated in 2018. The church, founded in 1818 when Jackson was not yet considered a city, began in a log building where the current Jackson Dairy Queen stands today, later moving east to its current location in the 1840’s. The proclamation presented to a large group from the church reads as follows:


WHEREAS, In the year 1818, which was seven years before Butts County was founded, Mary Buttrill Williams, a devout Methodist, caused a log building to be erected in the settled area that would later become Jackson, on a parcel of land between the City Cemetery and Third Street, for the purposes of holding services of worship for her husband, their ten children, as well as any others who wished to attend and follow the teachings of the Bible and the doctrines of John Wesley, and;

WHEREAS, On October 11, 1845, the present location of the church was acquired by a group of churchgoers, constituting a board of trustees, in the amount of $40.00, for the purpose of erecting a permanent church building, which was completed and dedicated on April 4, 1846 by Elder Matthews, and:

WHEREAS, As the congregation prospered and grew, subsequent church buildings were constructed in 1884 and finally, in 1924, when the present gothic revival style church building was constructed at a cost of $63,000.00 and dedicated by noted Bishop Warren A. Candler, followed by substantial renovations and additions in the decades after, and;

WHEREAS, It is fitting and appropriate to recognize the two centuries of ministry and outreach effected within the Jackson and Butts County community by the Church, in its various incarnations, including the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church South and, in 1968, the present day United Methodist Church, which is currently the oldest church denomination in the City of Jackson and the second oldest congregation in Butts County, now therefore, be it:

RESOLVED: That the Butts County Board of Commissioners hereby recognizes 2018 as the Bicentennial year of the Jackson United Methodist Church and honors it for its honorable mission, faithful outreach and transformative work in the community. It is further:

RESOLVED: That the Board authorizes this Proclamation shall be spread upon the minutes of the County and recorded into the history of Butts County, Georgia.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, we have hereunto set our signatures and caused the Seal of the County of Butts to be affixed.

This 12th Day of March, 2018