The 2010 Census data has been posted on Georgia and its 159 counties. According to the data released, the following information on Butts County was shown:

Population: 23,655

Of the seven county area (Butts and all adjoining counties), Henry and Newton were the fastest growing and grew the most, both over 25% since the 2000 census. Jasper, Lamar, Monroe and Butts all fell into the category of growth between 15-25% and Spalding had the least amount of growth coming in the 5%-15% category. The population data for the neighboring counties are posted below in ranking order:  

  • Jasper: 13,900
  • Lamar: 18,317
  • Monroe: 26,424
  • Spalding: 64,073
  • Newton: 99,958
  • Henry: 203,922

More detailed county demographic information will be released by the Census Bureau as the month goes on. For the State of Georgia, it grew a total of 18.3% since 2000. The state now has 9,687,653 population size. All population categories increased. The major population categories are listed below. These consist of racial/ethnic groups that make up at least 1% of the state population. Those that made up less than 1% are not included here: 

  • African American: 25.6%
  • Asian: 81.6%
  • Caucasian: 8.6%
  • Hispanic: 96.1%
  • Mixed (2 or more races): 81.7%
  • Other Alone: 98.1%

More information will be posted as it comes available.