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Employee Milestones for the month of April include the following employees who have reached major milestones of recognition: 

Sergeant Michael Shepherd, Sheriffs Ofc, 5 Years
Sergeant Kenneth Mundy, Sheriffs Ofc, 5 Years
Lieutenant Tim Filbeck, Sheriffs Ofc, 10 Years
Detention Ofcr Donald Pelt, Sheriffs Ofc, 5 Years
Firefighter-PMDC Jason Montgomery, Fire Dept, 5 Years
Captain Doug Hogan, Fire Dept, 26 Years
Captain Robert Ridgeway, Fire Dept, 14 Years
Hulon “Mr. Buddy” Epps, Supervisor, Recycling, 14 Years
O.C. Stodghill, Roads Foreman, Public Works, 8 Years
Ronnie Williams, Shop Foreman, Public Works, 26 Years
Donn V. Taylor, Manager, Library
Congratulations to all of these employees for the long service to the citizens of the Butts County!  
Sheriff’s Office Holding Fundraisers to Help Students 
Butts County Sheriff’s Office will be holding two fundraisers in the upcoming weeks to help local HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) finalists from Jackson High School attend a national competition in Anaheim, California this June. Ten local students placed in state level competitions, making them eligible to move up to the nationals. To help them raise funds to make the trip, the Sheriff’s Office will be holding two events in upcoming weeks; a golf tournament at Hickory Hill Golf Course on April 13th and a barbecue with Joe Southerland’s Killerswine and other activities on April 23rd at the United Bank parking lot on Covington Street. For more information, contact Investigator Lieutenant Tim Filbeck at the Sheriff’s Office.
Parks and Recreation to Kick Off Spring Sports Season
Butts County Parks and Recreation will kick off the spring season with their annual Opening Day Ceremonies on April 16, 2011. The ceremonies begin at 9:30am and the first game will start at 10:00am with scheduled games through the afternoon. Much of Butts County turns out for the opening day events which centers around the baseball and softball season. Teams have already been formed and have been in practice over the past several weeks in preparation for the season opener. 
Storm Brings Out Department’s Best 
Butts County was hit earlier this week with one of the most damaging thunderstorms that has been seen in many years. Winds in the 50-70mph range blew heavy rains, hail and lightning through the county shortly before 1:00am on Tuesday morning, resulting in hundreds of trees down, numerous power outages from broken power lines, multiple wrecks, damaged structures and sadly, two fatalities from a tree falling on a house. Calls began coming in within minutes of the start of the storm and within a half hour, Butts County’s entire public safety force was deployed to handle the situation. The 911 Emergency Operations Center handled numerous calls and prioritized available resources to meet the demand. Those resources included the Sheriff’s Office, who called in additional personnel to assist the on-duty personnel; the Fire/EMS department who utilized all of their fire engines and EMS apparatus; Emergency Management to assess damage and coordinate assistance and Public Works, who fanned out all over the county to begin the process of clearing roads of trees and debris, a process that is still ongoing at this writing. Added to this was Fire, Police, Utility and Public Works departments of Jackson, Jenkinsburg and Flovilla. The commanding officers of all departments were in the field as well. In all, there were well over 100 local government personnel working both in the field and in the operations center to manage the situation which went very smoothly throughout the remainder of the night and well into the next day. All are to be commended for being there to protect the citizens of Butts County.
Courthouse Gets FaceliftWork Underway to Remove Old PaintDespite the rumor that the recent storm blew much of the paint off of the Butts County courthouse, the truth is that the old paint is being scraped off to prepare the building for a new coat of paint in the upcoming weeks. This will be the first paint job that the 113 year old building has received since 1998 when it was being readied for its centenniel celebration. The building, while constructed mainly of brick, still has many paintable surfaces, most of which are ornamental and have to be treated carefully. These parts are easily to identify because they currently are white and stand out against the brick of the main structural elements. The most visible parts such as the pediments, cornices, steeple spire and the clock housings receive the most abuse from the elements and require painting, usually every ten to fifteen years depending on conditions. They are actually constructed of painted tin over wood which has helped them last for as long as they have but the receive a lot of exposure to rain, sunshine, hot and cold weather, wind and of course-pigeons, who like to cluster on the steeple ledges and leave droppings behind. When the buidling is complete, the courthouse should have much of its grandeur restored and may look a shade different than before because for the first time in many decades, the building will be painted back in its original Victorian-era colors. Instead of a bright white that has been used in more recent paint jobs, a softer, very pale beige, almost off-white will be used for the major surfaces and window trim will be done in a dark green color. An expert evaluated the buidling and was able to scrape through several layers of paint down to the original coat that was put on the building when it was new and which revealed the two colors that are being put back now. It is hoped that when complete, the courthouse will look much like it did the day it was new
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