Billy Singley, who has served Butts County for over nine years, the last two as Director of Community Services, will stand down from his position this Thursday, June 30th and retire. He is the fifth person to hold the department level management position in its various forms since the job was created in 1980’s. Singley retired originally from General Motors and also owned his own electrician business prior to accepting a position in 2002 as a Building Inspector. During his tenure, he obtained many top-level certifications in the building inspection field, topping out with the coveted CBO designation (Certified Building Official) just a few years ago. The CBO designation is probably held by less than 100 people in Georgia and designates the holder as a master-level building inspector holding in-depth knowledge of all elements of building construction and the codes that govern construction.

In 2006, he was promoted to Chief Building Inspector for the department, supervising the work of the department’s other inspection personnel and representing the department at meetings to discuss building projects that were actively being pursued in the County at the time. He played an instrumental role in the construction of several SPLOST building projects, including the Administration Facility, Detention Center expansion, Library expansion and renovation of the Clerk of Court’s Office, ensuring that the work performed by contractors met all codes and that corners were not cut by builders. He performed similar work in the construction of the satellite campus for what was then known as Griffin Technical College.

In 2009, he assumed the department’s top position and has held that post ever since. At the time he moved up, the department was feeling the effects of the economy and permits for new construction slowed to a trickle and have held there since then. The department has used the past two years to work on strengthening its ordinances and refining areas that needed attention so that when growth returned, the County’s building codes and zoning ordinances would be strong enough to keep growth structured and better managed. He was also given two more departments to manage at that time when the County merged several of its smaller departments into four large departments. Community Services became one of those four larger departments and welcomed Animal Control and Building Maintenance to the agency, which was already overseeing building inspections, code enforcement, permits, planning and zoning.

Singley has always tried to run any operation that he was involved in with integrity and quality and he is known for this by many of the builders in this region. He is also known for being calm, compassionate and fair in all aspects of his position, which has earned him the respect of his co-workers and the general public. For someone who had already retired once, Billy Singley was more active and contributed more to the County in nine years than some do in several decades and he brought much to the table, all of which will be missed as he prepares to enjoy his well-earned free time. His wife Beverly already retired from her position in the past few years and he looks forward to being able to spend more time with her and working on projects around his house.

The Community Development Department and the Commissioner’s Office will recognize Billy Singley on his last day with Butts County this Thursday, June 30th with a drop-in retirement reception from 2-4 PM at the Butts County Administration Facility, 625 West Third Street. Members of the public are invited to attend as we offer our congratulations to him for his years of dedicated service to Butts County.