Butts County Controller Chiquita Barkley was recently appointed to serve on the Government Finance Officers Association’s Committee on Governmental Budgeting and Fiscal Policy (BUDGET). Barkley has served in the position since 2013 and is the person who has key responsibility for developing, implementing and managing the budget for the County and all of the agencies funded by the budget.

GFOA is advised by standing committees in seven areas of government finance. Active throughout the year, the committees are key links between the changes happening in the finance offices of members and the services the association provides to help finance officers successfully manage those changes. The committees give direction for GFOA’s services by formulating new policies and raising professional standards via best practices.

The Committee on Governmental Budgeting and Fiscal Policy advises GFOA and recommends policies in budgeting, management, and related public finance areas not addressed by other GFOA committees. The committee actively promotes the professionalism of budget practitioners through the development of best practices and researching various initiatives. In meeting these responsibilities, the committee serves as a forum for the exchange of information about emerging issues, concepts, and techniques in public budgeting and management.

Committee appointments are made by the GFOA president. Committee members serve a specified term, not to exceed three years. The committee currently has representation from Pennsylvania, DC, Texas, Missouri and New York, with Barkley representing Georgia. Members are appointed based on their experience and expertise in their given areas.

For over a century, government finance professionals have relied upon the GFOA to provide timely information, practical educational opportunities, high-quality professional publications, and the latest information on best practices.  In doing so, the GFOA offers public-sector finance  professionals an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • obtain “how-to” instruction on a wide range of financial topics,
  • enhance their technical skills,
  • broaden their knowledge and deepen their expertise,
  • achieve professional recognition,
  • coordinate efforts with colleagues,
  • develop leadership skills

Butts County Board of Commissioners and its staff congratulate Chiquita Barkley on this accomplishment, and for representing not only Butts County but the State of Georgia in the efforts for furthering sound and prudent fiscal governance.