All Butts County property owners will be receiving Tax Assessment Notices during April. These notices indicate the value placed on your property by the Board of Tax Assessors and are intended to reflect the current property values as determined by recent sales.

In addition to the property value, the Assessment Notice will include an estimated tax bill. This estimate is based on last year’s millage rates. This is NOT a tax bill, nor is it an accurate indicator of your tax bill. Neither the county nor the school board has adopted their budgets or set their millage rates – this typically takes place in May or June. This estimated tax is NOT something you need to pay at this time.

These notices are mailed out for three reasons: 1) the Georgia Department of Revenue requires that all property be assessed at 40% of the market value, 2) state law requires assessment notices be mailed to all property owners every year, and 3) (most importantly) this provides the property owner an opportunity to address any errors in the property assessment records.

If you believe your assessment is not correct (incorrect value or information), you are encouraged to appeal this to the Board of Tax Assessors, 625 W. 3rd St., Suite 1, Jackson, GA 30233. Detailed information concerning how to file an appeal is available at:

All appeals must be received in the Butts County Board of Tax Assessors office by the deadline indicated on the Tax Assessment Notice. If you have any questions concerning the information included on your assessment notice, please call the Butts County Tax Assessors office (770-775-8207).