Annual Report Of
The 121st Session of The Board of Commissioners
2019-2020 Biennium
Butts County Georgia
Docket Year 2019

The 121st Session, being the first year of the 2019-2020 biennium and encompassing Docket Year 2019, convened its first meeting of the session on January 14th, 2019 with the following Members seated:

Ken Rivers of the 1st Commission District (3rd year of term of office)
Robert L. Henderson, Sr. of the 2nd Commission District (3rd year of term of office)
Joe Brown of the 3rd Commission District (1st year of term of office)
J. Keith Douglas of the 4th Commission District (1st year of term of office)
Russ Crumbley of the 5th Commission District (3rd year of term of office)

Executive Staff for Session
Steven H. Layson, County Administrator
J. Michael Brewer, Deputy County Administrator and Clerk of County
Rhonda Blissit, Chief Financial Officer
Michael A. O’Quinn, County Attorney (1st) & Benjamin Vaughn, County Attorney (2nd)

Report of Legislative Actions

During the 121st Session, the Butts County Board of Commissioners, as the legislative body of the County of Butts, State of Georgia, did pass or cause to be passed the following major actions in open session, said actions being reflected in the Minutes thereupon and, where applicable, the Book of Resolutions, Volume 1.

The Board passed 33 legislative resolutions of governance during the Session as well as authorized several major acquisitions such as the purchase of a roll off dump truck; two ambulances; three trash compactors; the lease of one excavator; the purchase of 50 new computers for various departments; one command vehicle for fire services and took delivery of Butts County’s first ladder fire engine. The session also saw the beginning of construction on two major SPLOST initiatives, which included the expansion of the Administration Building and the renovation of the first two floors of the Historic Butts County Courthouse. These and many other actions are outlined chronologically below:

1. Convened the Session and held the first Meeting of the year on January 14, 2019

2. Elected Ken Rivers as Chairman of the Board for the Session

3. Elected Keith Douglas as Vice Chairman of the Board for the Session

4. Reappointed Michael A. O’Quinn as County Attorney for the Session

5. Reappointed Haisten & Johnston as County Auditor for the Session

6. Issued a Proclamation for National Law Enforcement Week.

7. Passed Resolution 2019-01 Honoring the Life of Margaret McCormick and designated Margaret McCormick Week in Butts County

8. Passed Resolution 2019-02 Honoring the Life of Congressman Mac Collins and requesting the State to name Georgia Highway 16 West from Jackson to Spalding County as a Memorial Highway.

9. Appointed Brittany Hooker, Stephanie Davies, Tyler Garland, Bruce Bartholomew, Beth Smith and Glenda Grant to the Library Board.

10. Adopted and Approved the Annual Audit of the County covering the Fiscal Year 2018

11. Passed Resolution 2019-03 creating a Budget Funding Formula for the Towaliga Judicial Circuit.

12. Passed Resolution 2019-04 on Adopting or Re-imposing Cable Franchise Fees

13. Passed Resolution 2019-05 on Adopting a Language Access Plan

14. Passed Resolution 2019-06 on Approval to Secure a Tax Anticipation Note

15. Awarded bid for purchase of a new roll-off dump truck

16. Ratified the 2019 LMIG Grant Submission to Georgia DOT

17. Issued a Proclamation Recognizing the Magistrate Court

18. Issued a Proclamation Recognizing Russ Crumbley for Service as Chairman

19. Approved Appropriation Funding for the Old Jackson Road/Highway 16 Improvement Project

20. Approved Funding for Upgrade of E-911 Systems with Spillman Technology

21. Approved Judicial Annex Programming and Use of SPLOST Funding for Project

22. Approved Placement of the final Civil War Heritage Trail Marker at Indian Springs Hotel

23. Reappointed Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council for 2019

24. Appointed Terry Duffey to the Planning and Zoning Commission to replace Clint Crowe

25. Passed Resolution 2019-07 Amending the Code of Butts County pertaining to the processes, dates, requirements and acceptable practices of the annual budget process.

26. Approved grant for ballfield improvements at Leisure Services

27. Passed Resolution 2019-08 Honoring Rhonda W. Smith on Retirement as Clerk of Superior Court

28. Appointed Ben Vaughn as County Attorney to replace Michael O’Quinn, who stepped down after 23 years as County Attorney to accept a position with the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia.

29. Approved Risk Assessment Policy for Finances so as to remove a previous audit finding against the County.

30. Appropriate funding for the purchase of new ambulance

31. Approved updates to the Capital Improvement Elements of the Comprehensive Plan

32. Approved updates to the Short-Term Work Program of the Comprehensive Plan

33. Adopted Resolution 2019-09 Designating the Chief Financial Officer as Receiver for State Tax Revenue Reports.

34. Adopted Resolution 2019-10 Delineating the Length and Terminus of Henderson Mill Road

35. Adopted Resolution 2019-11 to Relocate the Georgia Department of Driver Services Center from Highway 36 to the Southern Crescent Technical College Campus

36. Adopted Resolution 2019-12 to Request a Legislative Act to Increase Funding to Historic Courthouse Fund and Specifically Designate Fund for Historic Courthouse Upkeep.

37. Approved Proclamation Declaring April as “Child Abuse Awareness Month”

38. Terminated maintenance agreement with Honeywell Building Systems

39. Approved Proclamation for “Give Burns the Boot Week” in Butts County

40. Adopted Resolution 2019-13 Enacting a Restrictive Spending Moratorium

41. Adopted Resolution 2019-14 Extending Appointments to Water Authority to coincide with midyear appointment process.

42. Adopted Resolution 2019-15 Regulating Roadside Solicitations in Butts County

43. Approved Proclamations for Butts Mutts and Amateur Radio Week in June.

44. Adopted Text Amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance on Special Uses

45. Adopted Resolution 2019-16 Authorizing Chair to Sign Ceremonial Documents Absent Board Action

46. Adopted Resolution 2019-17 Reappointing Burt Jones to the Water Authority; Reappointing Bill Driggers to the Elections Board; Reappointing Toni Clark to the DFACS Board; Reappointing Sandra Haisten to the McIntosh Trail Community Service Board; and Reappointing Justin Phillips to the Construction Board of Appeals.

47. Adopted Resolution 2019-18 Restricting and eliminating supplemental pay to Court Officers and Elected Officials in all future appointments other than statutory supplements.

48. Adopted Resolution 2019-19 Governing under what conditions County buildings, roads, bridges and related could be named for deceased individuals and establishing written policies governing the same.

49. Adopted Resolution 2019-20 Requiring agencies outside of the County government who receive funding from the County to submit an annual audit report to the County with appropriation request for accountability purposes.

50. Approved entering into negotiations for the eventual approval of an Intergovernmental Service Agreement with Lamar and Monroe County to put the Towaliga Judicial Circuit funding appropriated by the three counties on the basis of the population of each of the three counties.

51. Approved a Historic Preservation Grant for the Butts County Historical Society

52. Approved a six-month contract renewal for County Administrator Steve Layson that would begin on July 1, 2019 and conclude on December 31, 2019, subject to successive renewals.

53. Adopted Resolution 2019-21 Adopting the Fiscal Year 2020 General Fund Budget of $20,133,824.47 and Special Fund Budgets for an aggregate total of $23,146,171.60

54. Adopted Resolution 2019-22 Levying Ad Valorem Tax for Calendar Year 2019 of 15.960 mils set by the Butts County School District; 12.209 mils set for the General County and 1.00 mils for the Butts County Hospital Authority for a total Levy of 29.169 mils.

55. Recognized Nancy Washington for attaining 35 years of service and as the longest serving full time County employee.

56. Adopted Resolution 2019-23 Requiring that all non-salaried employees of Butts County must conform to the standards of submitting approved documentation of time worked and establishing standards of accountability.

57. Adopted Resolution 2019-24 Decommissioning the Butts County Courthouse as a Judicial Center

58. Adopted Resolution 2019-25 Endorsing the Henderson School Campus Project

59. Created a 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

60. Adopted Resolution 2019-26 Designating Ken Rivers as Voting Delegate to the 2019 ACCG Legislative Conference

61. Adopted a Revised Tax Abatement Schedule for Industry

62. Approved the financing and purchase of 50 new computers for various departments to replace older units that were no longer viable or securable.

63. Adopted updated list of roads subject to radar enforcement of speed limits.

64. Issued a Proclamation honoring American Woodmark on its 35th Anniversary in Butts County.

65. Adopted Resolution 2019-27 Designating all County Building Inspectors as Mobile Home Inspectors

66. Welcomed Dr. Todd Simpson as the new Butts County School Superintendent

67. Adopted Resolution 2019-28 Increasing the Employee Retirement Multiplier from 1.5% per year of service to 2.0% per year of service; raising the Maximum Service Cap from 35 years to 40 years; and reducing the Vesting Period from 10 years to 7 years; to be effective January 1, 2020.

68. Paid off Tax Anticipation Note for 2019.

69. Awarded bids to pave Isaac Head Road using CDBG grant funds and other funds as obtained.

70. Approved a reimbursement arrangement to allow private developers to improve Midway Road to allow for industrial level traffic by forgiving building and impact fees on later projects.

71. Accepted new Ladder Truck paid for by SPLOST proceeds

72. Approved the purchase of an additional Ambulance with SPLOST proceeds

73. Provided Special Recognition to the Jackson High School Women’s Volleyball Team for winning the Area Championship for the first time.

74. Adopted Resolution 2019-29 Reappointing Terry Nolan to the Three Rivers Regional Commission; Reappointing Dan Queen to the Board of Assessors; Reappointing Aimie Maddox and Daisy Askin to the Board of Zoning Appeals; Reappointing Bobby D. Elrod and Andrew Johnston to the Transportation Board.

75. Adopted Resolution 2019-30 To set the Annual Calendar of Meetings and Holidays for 2020.

76. Adopted Resolution 2019-31 In Support of Legislation that affirms and upholds local government control of housing, commercial and industrial design standards.

77. Adopted Resolution 2019-32 Requesting the General Assembly approve increasing the Hotel/Motel Tax for Butts County from 3% to 8% and to designate these funds for specific funding purposes related to tourism; marketing; funding of visitor centers; upkeep of the visitor center and related purposes.

78. Approved auditor recommended adjustments to the Fiscal Year 2019 budget prior to the completion of audit.

79. Approved purchase of 3 new trash compactors for Solid Waste Centers with SPLOST and Impact Fees as allowed.

80. Approved receipt of a van on behalf of Three Rivers Regional Commission.

81. Renewed leases with Caterpillar for new Excavator for Public Works

82. Received the resignation of Elections Director Avery Smith, who served as Elections Director from July 1, 2009 and for many years prior to that as a part-time employee, and who would be retiring from the Elections Department as of December 31, 2019.

83. Adopted Resolution 2019-33 Appointing Zach Burden to the Industrial Development Authority and Development Authority to fill the unexpired term of Bryan Bush; and Reappointing Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council

84. Rezoned 1,422 Acres at Highway 16 and Colwell Road for Industrial and Commercial Development purposes, the largest single rezoning in Butts County history.

85. Approved a Major Development Agreement with LGS Properties for development of the area rezoned under the previous item, to include logistics/industrial development and delineated commercial development.

86. Approved the awarding of New Year’s Eve as an additional holiday to all eligible County employees.

87. Chairman Rivers adjourned sine die the 121st Session of the Board of Commissioners on December 23, 2019.


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned constitutes the major actions taken by the Butts County Board of Commissioners and are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the 121st Session, 2019-2020 Biennium, Docket Year 2019 beginning January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019.

Said record of actions are attached to and made a part of Minutes Book Z and filed under Tab A (Acts) which, along with the Book of Resolutions, Volume 1

Given unto my hand and seal this 17th Day of January, 2020

J. Michael Brewer, Clerk of the 121st Session