Butts County Administrator Dr. Alan E. White will be stepping down this month from the position he has held since August of 2009. White, who also is stepping down from the position of Executive Director of the Butts County Development Authority has served in the public sector for 41 years, 37 of which were in the field of education. He spent many years in the classroom as a teacher of Special Education before moving into various upwardly mobile positions in the Marietta City School System. In 1997, he and his wife Lynda moved to Butts County when he accepted the position of Superintendent of Schools, which he held until his retirement.

Never one to remain inactive, Dr. White accepted a position with the Georgia School Superintendents Association but missed working in the community that had become home to him. An opportunity arose to work as the Executive Director of the Development Authority in 2007 and he quickly took the position, spending the past four years working towards improving the Authority’s portfolio and establishing solid relationships with key industrial leaders on the local, state and federal levels.

In 2009, a vacancy in the office of County Administrator prompted the Board of Commissioners to seek Dr. White’s assistance. With his background in public budget administration and development as well as his proven executive ability and familiarity with the County, the Board felt that he was the right choice for the times and could help them ensure that the County could weather the growing economic storm that was affecting the entire nation.

Among his accomplishments as County Administrator, he facilitated a two-day workshop in Atlanta early in 2011 with the Board and key administration officials which served to bring the Board and Administration together on several strategic initiatives that needed to be acted on in 2011. During the process, leaders of all other government entities and major civic organizations were also brought in to discuss the future direction that everyone needed to gear themselves toward. Chairman Roger McDaniel stated that “this workshop, which was unprecedented, laid the foundation for accomplishing many things in 2011 and greatly assisted in helping both the board and staff understand how each other works. This allowed each individual to shine in their own way and still be an integral part of an overall team approach to solving the issues we faced this year. I think it also opened many doors of dialog with the other governments and authorities that we need to work with to ensure the success of the community”.

Those issues, which Dr. White is most proud to have been a part of included both the process leading up to the recent re-adoption of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), which has been in place since the late 1980’s, and the decadal redistricting of the Commission and School Board districts. Development of the Intergovernmental Service Agreements between the County, the Cities and Public Authorities played a large part in the successful passage of SPLOST and Dr. White worked well with the Board, Mayors and Authorities to bring these to fruition. He is also proud of his role in working with the board to develop and implement the two most recent budgets while keeping the County services at optimum levels and coming in under budget. This allowed the board to pass a budget that leaves the County in good financial shape, with adequate reserve funds and a slight reduction in the millage rate this past year.

Earlier this year, Dr. White’s wife Lynda retired from her position and Dr. White made the decision not to seek an extension of his contract, which expires December 31st. He and Lynda have purchased a home near Clayton, Georgia and will settle in the North Georgia mountains. Dr. White’s last day with Butts County will be Friday, December 16th.

The search process to secure a replacement is currently underway and it is anticipated that the Board will interview finalists for the position sometime in January. Deputy County Administrator Michael Brewer will serve as Interim Administrator until a replacement is appointed and can assume the office of Administrator.

The Board of Commissioners will host a reception honoring Dr. White for his service to the County on Monday, December 12th 2011, which will also be the day of his last Board meeting. The reception will be held from 3PM until 4:30PM in the lobby of the Administration Building. The public and all friends of Dr. White are cordially invited to attend.