Report of Major Legislative Actions By
The Board of Commissioners
Butts County Georgia
Docket Year 2017

During the Docket Year of 2017, the Butts County Board of Commissioners, as the legislative body of the County of Butts, State of Georgia, did pass or cause to be passed the following major actions in open session, said actions being reflected in the minutes thereupon.

  1. Elected Robert Henderson as Chairman and Joe Brown as Vice Chairman of the Board
  2. Approved the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Commissioners
  3. Reappointed Dr. Keith Moffett as County Administrator for 2017
  4. Appointed Michael Brewer as Interim County Clerk for a period of 90 Days
  5. Reappointed Mike O’Quinn as County Attorney for 2017
  6. Approved a resolution to place upon the March 2017 ballot a question to go before the voters regarding whether they would be in favor of expanding the Freeport exemption.
  7. Affirmed by vote a “No Objection” to a request for annexation of 55.85 acres adjacent to LKQ Inc. into the city of Jenkinsburg.
  8. Approved a Proclamation for Israel Temple CME Church’s 150th Anniversary
  9. Adopted amendments to the Uniform Development Ordinance of Butts County
  10. Adopted updates to the Capital Improvement Elements and the Short-Term Work Program of the Comprehensive Plan of Butts County.
  11. Adopted the 2017-2037 Comprehensive Plan of Butts County.
  12. Approved postponing the Service Delivery Strategy Act finalization for six months.
  13. Reallocated $60,000 included within the special purpose local option sales tax for 2012 that would no longer be required for its original purpose over to the leisure services area to pay for repairs to a concession building.
  14. Approved the updated road list for licensing of the Sheriff’s Office to conduct radar speed detection.
  15. Approved the Fiscal Year 2016 Audit by Haisten & Johnston.
  16. Rejected all bids submitted for the construction of a Leisure Services Maintenance Building.
  17. Approved a Community Development Block Grant application for paving of Isaac Head Road.
  18. Approved the 4th Edition of the Personnel Ordinance and rescinded the 3rd Edition with the exception of Title VII.
  19. Voted to abandon a portion of Edwards Road.
  20. Approved a Resolution to support affirmative action housing, to comply with the 1974 Housing and Community Development Act, to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
  21. Approved a Resolution on Compliance with the Open Records Act.
  22. Appointed Belinda Davis to the DFACS Board of Directors.
  23. Approved to expand Freeport Exemption to 100%, based upon the affirmative vote in the March referendum by the voters of Butts County.
  24. Appointed Chiquita Barkley as County Clerk
  25. Rezoned acreage located on Truck Stop Way from C-2 to M-2 zoning for the purpose of locating a truck salvage center, with conditions applied.
  26. Approved a Special Use on acreage located on Truck Stop Way for preceding item, with conditions.
  27. Approved a new contract with AT&T for telephone service that anticipates a financial savings to the county of approximately $75,000 per year.
  28. Approved the FY2018 Preliminary Budget for Advertising and for public inspection.
  29. Approved to engage our public works department to pave Riley Road without water line improvements, which would have to be handled by the City of Flovilla, and at a cap not to exceed $400,000.00 total.
  30. Proclaimed the last week of June, 2017 as “Amateur Radio Week” in Butts County.
  31. Approved a Special Use for property located on High Falls Road and Highway 36 West for a proposed new telecommunication tower.
  32. Approved a Special Use for property located at 205 Blankenship Road for special use for an immediate family member.
  33. Approved a Text Amendment to Section 4.02.06(A) of the Butts County UDO to strike/remove “Truck Stops” from the list of prohibited use restrictions within the I-75 Corridor Overlay District with certain conditions.
  34. Approved a Rezoning from C-2 – Commercial – General/Highway to PM – Planned Development-Mixed Use for property located at 2781 Highway 16 West/I-75 & Highway 16 West.
  35. Approved the FY 2018 budget of $20,532,372.00
  36. Appointed Lesley Medlock to the Board of Elections, to begin July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2021, to replace Terri Evans.
  37. Reappointed Mack Davis to the DFACS Board of Directors, from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2022
  38. Reappointed Alton Stewart to the Planning Commission from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2020
  39. Reappointed Justin Phillips to the Board of Adjustments & Appeals, from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018
  40. Approved the purchase of a new Fire Engine for Station 7 from the 2012 SPLOST VI Program in the amount of $227,412.00 from Fire Line, Inc. of Winder, Georgia.
  41. Approved a Service Agreement with Moye Electric to perform monthly service on the lighting system at Interstate 75 and Highway 16.
  42. Approved a Tax Levy Resolution for Butts County School District General Obligation Bonds, Series 2017 that in essence guarantees that if the Board of Education is unable to raise enough revenue in their upcoming ESPLOST that was approved by the voters in March of 2017, to pay off general indebtedness bonds, that the Board of Commissioners would levy up to 1 mil of property tax to make said payments on the bond.
  43. Adopted the 2017 Millage Rate for Butts County M & O at 12.209 mils, which is the lowest millage rate since the 1990’s and in the lower half of millage rates in Georgia.
  44. Adopted the combined County, School District and Hospital Millage Rate for Butts County at 30.973 mils, which reflected the County mil rate at 12.209, the School Board mil rate at 17.764 and the Hospital Authority at 1.00 mil, and at a decrease from the previous year’s total millage rate of 31.773 mils.
  45. Approved a revision to the Animal Control Ordinance of Butts County following 1st and 2nd readers.
  46. Approved the annual Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Lease Program for Public Works.
  47. Reappointed Mike Wilson and Randy Prince to the West Georgia EMS Council for a one year term.
  48. Approved Annual Contract for Inmate Work Details from the Georgia Department of Corrections.
  49. Approved a 2.5% COLA Increase, pending financial sufficiency, to be issued in the 2nd quarter.
  50. Approved an Intergovernmental Agreement between the County, the Cities and the Water Authority for the distribution of anticipated SPLOST VII proceeds.
  51. Caused to be issued a call for an election, to be held on November 7, 2017 for the purposes of approving the continuation of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.
  52. Approved the purchase of the equipment package for the new fire engine that was recently purchased through SPLOST for Station 7 in the amount of $57,849.00
  53. Accepted the resignation of Dr. Keith Moffett as County Administrator, effective August 22, 2017.
  54. Issued Proclamations recognizing Jackson Drug Company and City Pharmacy for their outstanding support of the community and recreational programs.
  55. Approved an additional extension for the Service Delivery Strategy Act for transmittal to DCA.
  56. Appointed Steve Layson as the Interim County Administrator, effective October 17, 2017.
  57. Authorized a contract for the provision of Indigent Legal Defense with the Office of the Public Defender.
  58. Approved a contract with LaserFische/MCCI, Inc. for software to be used in the Planning & Development Department.
  59. Approved and authorized the Chairman and the County Clerk to execute all documents, intergovernmental agreements and related materials concerning the 2017 Service Delivery Strategy with all local government entities, subject to the oversight and concurrence of the County Attorney.
  60. Recognized Commissioner Russ Crumbley and Commissioner Ken Rivers for having completed their basic certification as County Commissioners and Commissioner Keith Douglas for having completed the Commissioner Specialty Certification program in Intergovernmental Relations.
  61. Voted to deny an application for a special use for a tattoo parlor to be located at 125 Truck Stop Way, due to inconsistency with surrounding businesses.
  62. Appointed Dr. Toni Clark to the Board of Directors of Butts County DFACS.
  63. Approved a revised job description for the Butts County Administrator position.
  64. Following first and second readers, approved an Amendment of the Code of the County under Home Rule Amendment, to amend the Code of the County under the Home Rule Amendment that would clarify that the positions of Chief Financial Officer and County Clerk would no longer be subject to annual appointment; that both positions would become Butts County Merit System employees; that the position of County Treasurer, which has not been filled since the 1970’s would be eliminated; that all duties previously associated with the Treasurer would be assigned under the position of the Chief Financial Officer; that any references in the Code to the position of “Controller” would be taken to mean the person holding the position of Chief Financial Officer; and for other purposes.
  65. Approved and published a revised Organizational Chart for the County Government that designated Michael Brewer as the County Clerk of Butts County, Chiquita Barkley as the Chief Financial Officer and stated that the following departments and their department heads will now answer to the County Administrator, to include: Leisure Services, Animal Control, E-911, Planning and Development, Fire Department, Public Works, Facilities Management and Human Resources, with the Human Resources position to be filled as soon as possible.
  66. Approved a revision to the County Purchasing Policy under “Section 1-Competitive Sealed Bidding” that provides that in the event that only one bid is received in a competitive sealed bid process, the Administration shall, as soon as practical, go out for bid again with the goal of receiving at least the minimum required two bids. If, following a rebid process, only one bid is received, the Administration shall bring this to the Board of Commissioners for further direction or approval/rejection of the sole bid.
  67. Approved a proposal to the board to purchase a new ambulance for the Fire Department under the current special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST VI) in the amount of $166,890.00 from Custom Works Specialty Vehicles.
  68. Awarded a contract for centerline striping to Two Rivers RCDC, Inc. for $60,000.00, to be paid for with SPLOST VI funds and authorized the County Administrator to execute the contract once signed by the Chairman.
  69. Approved Three Rivers Regional Commission to perform work for the county on the upcoming census, said work to be performed in regards to the Local Update of Census Addresses program (LUCA).
  70. Approved a service agreement between the Probate Court and Southeast Corrections LLC.
  71. Approved that the Board appoint a Charter Committee to gather facts and figures on consolidation; that they create a model charter for a consolidated government; that the board at some point authorize our legislative delegation to propose legislation in the General Assembly that would put before the eligible voters of Butts County a referendum that would call the question on whether the governments of the cities and counties should become a consolidated government; and for other related purposes.
  72. Approved a paving contract with Georgia Asphalt to resurface approximately 7.0 miles of county roads using the LMIG Funding (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant).
  73. Voted to defeat a draft of an ordinance that would impose restrictions on the discharging of firearms in certain residential conditions and to provide penalties for violations.
  74. Presented a first reader of a resolution for the Board to amend the Code of the County under the Home Rule Amendment that would abolish the requirement currently in the Code that the person holding the position of County Administrator must reside in or relocate to Butts County, thus removing any residency requirement.
  75. Approved upon presentment the Emergency Management Long Term Action Plan.
  76. Approved the schedule of holidays for Calendar Year 2018, to include the same 12 paid holidays as provided in 2017.
  77. Reappointed Clair Jones to a one year term on the Three Rivers Regional Commission.
  78. Reappointed Andrew Johnston to a two-year term on the Butts County Transportation Board
  79. Appointed Daniel Rothwell to a two-year term on the Butts County Transportation Board.
  80. Approved a policy background checks on volunteer coaches and other volunteers that work with children, youth and adults in County Leisure Service Programs.
  81. Approved a resolution that declared the outcome of the November 2017 SPLOST Referendum, as certified by the appropriate certifying officials, to include a provision authorizing the Board that, in the event they used any General Funds to pay for approved SPLOST expenditures, that SPLOST could be used to reimburse the General Fund at such time that SPLOST funds were available.
  82. Approved and consented to retain the services of STIFEL Company to be the SPLOST Bond Underwriters for Butts County, for bonding any approved monies associated with the recently passed SPLOST 7 program.
  83. Approved the 2018 Local Maintenance Improvement Grant application to Georgia DOT.
  84. Approved a rate adjustment for EMS billing fees to bring fees in line with current costs.


I do hereby attest by my signature and seal below that the aforementioned constitutes the major actions taken by the Butts County Board of Commissioners and are an accurate representation of the official actions undertaken by the Board during the Docket Year beginning January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2017.

Said record of actions are attached to and made a part of Minutes Book Y, which corroborates the actions stated herein.

/S/ J. Michael Brewer, Clerk of Butts County Georgia