Butts County will be seeking applications for the position of Leisure Services Director. The selected applicant will oversee and administrate a broad range of programs associated with Leisure Services, including Parks & Recreation and associated duties. The position also provides assistance as well as serving as a liaison to the Butts County Historical Society.

Please read this entire document for instructions on applying and deadlines. Incomplete applications or applications which do not meet the requirements of the position will be rejected.

Under limited supervision, incumbent is responsible for managing the operations of the Leisure Services Departments of Parks & Recreation and providing liaison assistance for agencies assigned within the Leisure Services group. Functions include planning goals; developing, coordinating and managing the department budget; managing and directing subordinates; procuring and managing grants and donations; creating and implementing internal departmental policy and ensuring that policy is aligned with County policy; and ensuring that facilities and equipment is properly maintained and monitored. Position is also responsible for providing guidance and assistance as well as serving as a liaison to the Butts County Historical Society and on behalf of the County. Employee attends seminars and conferences directly pertaining to the responsibilities associated with the position. As Director, employee focuses on the supervision of all processes concerned with the recreational and leisure service outreach of the County. Incumbent reports directly to the Director of Operations and the County Administrator concerning personnel and operational aspects.


1. Directly supervises, directs and evaluates subordinate management staff and other subordinate personnel within the Department.

2. Performs liaison duties with all agencies under the Leisure Services group, including advising and mentoring management staff as needed as well as the Historical Society as a County representative to that organization.

3. Manages the operations of the Department by directing and coordinating various activities of personnel engaged in providing leisure services and outreach of the department.

4. Ensures that all subordinates have met and continue to meet all federal, state and local certification requirements for their particular job class.

5. Ensures that all personnel are properly trained in their job assignments by assigning senior trainers and mentors to oversee employees.

6. Coordinates activities of internal and external personnel engaged in providing services to the Department.

7. Ensures that all facilities under their purview are safe, neat and presentable, in compliance with all government regulations concerning accessibility and are available for use by the public as required.

8. Plans, develops and communicates departmental goals in conjunction with County, City and other local agency goals and objectives.

9. Develops and monitors Department budget and ensures compliance with overall County budget. Works with and advises other agencies within the group on budgetary preparation.

10. Procures and manages grants and donations to support Division services.

11. Confers with local government and agency authorities for approval of major capital investments needed in establishing and maintaining levels of service provided to the county.

12. Cooperates with other agencies within the county and outside the county as needs determine.

13. Maintains and updates capital improvement plans for Department expansion or replacement of existing capital and files any and all paperwork accordingly.

14. Coordinates Department public relations activities, such as public service announcements, in conjunction with various groups and agencies in order to provide citizens with adequate information concerning Leisure Services projects and outreach.

15. Attends professional development seminars and courses designed to enhance current knowledge and coordinates the professional development of subordinates.

16. Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals involved in the operations of the department, including City and County officials, parents, community groups, vendors, etc.

17. Prepares and receives bids for services, equipment, work performed, special services, etc.

18. Acts to resolve problems, both internal and interdepartmentally.

19. Is a source of information and guidance to other managers assigned to the Leisure Services Division.

20. Submits weekly reports to the County Administrator’s Office on activities and accomplishments.

Education & Experience Required

Bachelor’s Degree in the field of one of the following: Recreation, Leisure Services, Sports & Recreation Management, Recreational Studies. A Master’s Degree is preferable. Experience of at least seven years of progressive management experience in the Parks and Leisure services field; or a combination of experience, education and training which provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for this position. Incumbent must hold a licensure to operate vehicles within the department and must undergo a background check.

Knowledge of Job

The level of complexity for this job classification is high. The incumbent has extensive knowledge of policies, procedures, practices, and activities of the department. Has extensive knowledge of the relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines as they pertain to the performance of the duties of the Director of Leisure Services. Also has a working knowledge of the machinations of affiliated agencies the Director liaisons with such Butts County Transit as well as Historical Services. Has the ability to effectively perform duties within the bounds of legal obligations. Has the ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply regulations, procedures, and related information. Has the extensive knowledge of the principles of organization, planning management and supervision as required by the department. Is able to complete, process, and maintain a variety of reports, charts, equipment manifests and logs that are required in the performance of daily operations. Has good aptitude with computers. Is able to use independent judgment and discretion in the handling of various situations, determining and deciding upon procedures to be implemented, setting priorities, maintaining standards and resolving problems. Has the mathematical ability to handle required calculations involving decimals and percentages. Knows how to estimate time, materials and supplies required to complete various tasks. Possesses excellent communication skills both verbal and written, and is able to maintain positive relationships with all parties involved. Has the ability to schedule daily activities and to establish short and long term priorities in order to meet established goals. Is able to operate and maintain a variety of office equipment such as a computer, typewriter, and calculator. Is skilled in independent decision-making, judgment and discretion as necessary to perform daily routine and non-routine tasks.

To Apply: Applicants should submit an application (which may be obtained from the Commissioner’s Office or by clicking here with a cover letter and complete resume of qualifications to the attention of:

J. Michael Brewer, County Administrator
625 W. Third Street, Suite 4
Jackson, Georgia 30233

Applications must be received by Friday, May 8, 2015 by close of business (5PM). Butts County Georgia is an equal opportunity, drug-free workplace employer.