October 4, 2011-Atlanta
District 3 Commissioner Mike Patterson was recognized in Atlanta on Tuesday by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) for having completed all academic requirements in the Certified County Commissioner Program. The certification program, which was designed by the University of Georgia and accredited by the same, is available to County Commissioners, Managers, Clerks and Attorneys who wish to become certified to a level beyond the basic minimum requirements. Certification generally takes between 1-3 years to complete, depending on the amount of time a county official can devote to attending the training. Commissioner Patterson completed the course in less time by opting to attend courses in other ACCG regions as well. The courses focus on budgeting, finance, personnel, county government law, leadership skills and decision-making.

With this certification, all five Butts County Commissioners have achieved the status as Certified County Commissioners. This is only the second time that an entire sitting board has held this status. Commissioner Patterson has already begun the course of study for the Advanced Level Certified Commissioner that was recently completed by Commissioner Keith Douglas and earlier by Commissioners Gator Hodges, Robert Henderson and Roger McDaniel. Once advanced certification is completed, it will be the first time that all commissioners serving Butts County will have attained Advanced Certification standards.