CourthouseFor the past several weeks, members of the Board of Commissioners, key staff and more recently, governing officials from the City of Jackson have been meeting to discuss the future plans for the Butts County Courthouse and its eventual retirement as an everyday center of justice. These discussions developed from a research project on the viability of the Courthouse that started in December of 2014 and has been ongoing since then.

This historic building, which was completed in 1898, has been in continuous use as a county courthouse ever since the day the keys were turned over to Judge J.F. Carmichael by the contractor and today it is one of the oldest courthouses in Georgia still being used regularly for its original purpose.

The most recent report of the investigatory Grand Jury, which was released to us this week, only serves to validate our position that serious attention must now be given to the direction the County will take in the coming years to provide a safe, efficient, secure and serviceable courthouse for the citizens of Butts County.

A project of this size and scope is not one that can be rushed but must be the result of purposeful, deliberate planning with an eye towards cost, usage, the needs of our growing court system, the safety and security of county historical documents and the location that will best suit these purposes. The location of this facility must also take into consideration what is best for Jackson, which has been our County Seat for almost 190 years.

While we cannot say more about these discussions at the present time, it is our intention to hold a town hall meeting to discuss this matter further and put forward possible solutions that we have been working on in the hopes of attacking this issue in a way that will address both the needs of the future while also preserving our historical courthouse for the enjoyment and use of generations to come.

The town hall meeting will be held in the Butts County Administration Building Auditorium on Monday, November 16th at 6:00 PM. All members of the public are invited to attend.