Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM
Preliminaries- Vice Chairman Henderson
-Call to order
-Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

2014-10-188   Approval of Agenda
2014-10-189   Approval of Minutes-September 8th and September 22nd

Old Business
2014-06-116 Honeywell
2014-07-132 Public Hearing – Joe L. Knight Rezoning Request
2014-08-173 Administration’s Salary Study Results

New Business
2014-10-190 Authorize Chairman to sign 2014 Performance Partnership
Agreement with GA Emergency Management Agency
2014-10-191 Change Order for Repair – Gym A
2014-10-192 Paperless Agenda Software Contract Recommendation

Public Comments

2014-10-194 Executive Session (if needed)
2014-10-195   Executive Session Summary
2014-10-196   Adjournment