Meeting Minutes
June 11th, 2012


The regular meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 5:00 PM on June 11, 2012 in the C. Wayne King Auditorium, Jackson Georgia by Chairman Roger D. McDaniel.


Roger D. McDaniel, Chairman

J. Keith Douglas, Vice-Chairman

G.S. “Gator” Hodges, Commissioner

Robert L. Henderson, Sr., Commissioner

Mike Patterson, Commissioner

Michael Brewer, Interim County Administrator

Jessica Reynolds, County Clerk

Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney


Workshop – Discussion on FY 2013 budget

Chairman asked for a vote to adjourn the workshop, Patterson motioned, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.


Hodges motioned to enter into executive session for personnel matters, potential litigation and real estate, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.  Douglas motioned to reconvene, seconded by Patterson with a 5-0 vote recorded.


A.             Approval of Docket

Item 2012-06-070       Remove item 2012-06-078, Hodges motioned to approve, seconded by Douglas with 5-0 vote recorded.

B.        Approval of Minutes

Item 2012-06-071       Approval May 2012 Minutes, Chairman McDaniel noted some grammar changes and run on sentence to be changes.  Hodges motioned to agree, seconded by Henderson with 5-0 vote recorded.

Five-Star Employee Program awarded to Virginia Harrison from Probate Court, not present.

Mr. Brewer presented a proclamation recognizing Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

C.        Old Business

Item 2012-05-064       Second Reading: Animal Control Ordinance Revisions, presented by Douglas Manning.  Patterson asked if the ordinance had been displayed for public view, yes it had.  Sheriff Pope asked question regarding some of the changes.  Hodges motioned to approve, seconded by Henderson with a 5-0 vote.

D.        New Business

Item 2012-06-072       Development Authority Request; requesting the remaining $94,327.81 to continue the process of developing a road into the Phase II portion of Riverview Business Park.  Mr. O’Quinn stated that the details needed to be discussed in executive session before any action taken.  Henderson motioned to defer action until after executive session, seconded by Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2012-06-073       Anticipated Collections Addendum/S.A.V.E.; This is required to identify illegal immigrants from working in the county.  Mr. O’Quinn commented that this is an annual contract that needs to be renewed; three hundred dollars a year or twenty five dollars a month.  Henderson motioned to allow chairman to sign, seconded by Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2012-06-074       Board of Assessors Appointment; Douglas motioned to appoint Falencia White Jordan for a four year term, seconded Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2012-06-075       Request to use Daughtry Park for fireworks; Annual celebration for the fourth of July, the City of Jackson request the usage of Daughtry Park for the firework show.  Conditions to be set consist of allowing campaigning but not allowed to give out items that would compete with the parks concessions.  Patterson motioned to approve, seconded by Hodges with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2012-06-076       Invitation to Qualified Bidders for provisions of Healthcare services and associated policies; Patterson motioned that the board set a date/time to release the following information to Shaw Hankins, Ovation or any other company that would like to bid out for the county’s healthcare services; two years of claim information from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, Contribution levels from employer and employees, current plan summaries of in-force plans, current billing statements for all benefits plans, census data of Butts County employees and the length of time current carrier has provided benefits to Butts County.  McDaniel seconded for discussion, stating there is certain information that cannot be publicized.  Hodges commented that this is the same method of attack again like last month; staff shouldn’t have to do all the leg work, the brokers should.  McDaniel agreed with Hodges commenting that the only person that can legally get the information that’s requested is the current broker.  Henderson agreed stating it’s a dead issue and didn’t understand when it’s still being brought up.  McDaniel motioned to amend the original motion that counsel advises what information can legally be released and to receive competing bids by August 2012; Patterson seconded with a 4-1 vote recorded with Hodges, Henderson, Patterson and McDaniel for and Douglas opposed.

Item 2012-06-077       Set date for Healthcare Services Bid Information and Authorized Representative to Communicate data; Information completed by item 076.

Item 2012-06-078       Removed

Item 2012-06-079       Interim County Administrators Report/Update on E-Verify.  Brewer gave Mr. Manning his time for discussion on E-Verify.  Manning begin with this system had been in place since 2007, but just started the requirement of reporting last year.  This is for all counties in the state of Georgia that requires a contract for services for the county.  Everyone that is filed has to pass before any work is to be completed.  The county is required to complete the report in December 2012 for this calendar year of any contracts between the county for services.  No report was submitted last year for the period of July-December 2011, that’s why we are implementing it now. There is the need for one centralized department to handle all documents and procedures.  With Community Services using 85% of this system, Community Services will be the point of contact.  Patterson motioned that Community Services be the central point of contact and to notify all department heads about the system and the process that has been put in place, seconded by Hodges for discussion for clarifications; motion passed with a 5-0 vote recorded.

The need to return to executive session for real estate and pending litigation was asked; Patterson motioned to enter, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded. Hodges motioned to reconvene, seconded by Patterson with 4-0 vote recorded.  Douglas left during executive session.


Henderson motioned to grant the request for the Industrial Development Authority, seconded by Hodges with a 4-0 vote recorded.


Adjournment: by Hodges, seconded by Patterson with 4-0 vote recorded.