A regular meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6:00 PM on July 8th, 2013 in the C. Wayne King Auditorium, Jackson Georgia by Chairman G.S. “Gator” Hodges.

G.S. “Gator” Hodges, Chairman
Robert L. Henderson, Sr., Vice-Chairman
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner
Roger D. McDaniel, Commissioner
Michael Brewer, County Administrator
Jessica E. Reynolds, County Clerk
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney

Workshop to begin at 5:00 pm; Mr. Manning brought forth discussion regarding Honeywell Business Solutions along with representatives for questions from the board. McDaniel stated he had contacted several companies that had previously used this company for references and there were no negative comments made. Patterson had several questions/concerns on how this would benefit the county and if it is worth it. Hodges shared his concern that the board doesn’t want to get back into debt.
Chairman Hodges adjourned the workshop

A. Approval of Docket
Item 2013-07-084 Chairman Hodges requested a motion for approval, McDaniel asked to add Section 12 € (2) and (3) revision as item 092; Patterson motioned to approve, seconded by McDaniel with a 5-0 vote.

Item 2013-07-085 Approval of June 2013 minutes; Henderson motioned to approve seconded by Patterson with a 5-0 vote recorded.

B. New Business
Item 2013-07-086 Approval of Annual Contract; Department of Corrections for Detail work in the amount of $39,500 per detail, total of $79,000.00; Henderson motioned to approve and authorize chairman to sign, seconded by Patterson with 4-0-1 vote with Douglas abstaining due to his employment with the Department of Corrections.
McDaniel addressed the board and asked to reopen Item 084 to add another item to the agenda; McDaniel asked to add as Item 093, brief discussion of the tree removal project in Indian Springs, seconded by Henderson with a 5-0 vote recorded. Manning spoke asking the board to add as Item 094, comments from the Sheriff regarding security measures for the Administration building. Henderson motioned to add, seconded by McDaniel with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-087 Resolution-ACCG-Authorizing volunteers and elected officials to be covered by the ACCG-group self-insurance workers’ compensation fund; repealing resolutions or parts of resolutions in conflict; and for other purposes. Douglas motioned to approve, seconded by Patterson for discussion. Douglas motioned to amend his original motion to add the language to the resolution that says the volunteers have to be on an official list maintained by the county, seconded by Henderson with 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-088 Approval of updated fiscal policies; Mrs. Barkley addressed the board of the changes she is pursuing to put more responsibility on the department head regarding policies and procedures for human resources, payroll, finance, A/P, office supplies and credit card usage. McDaniel motioned to table for further review, seconded by Patterson for discussion. McDaniel motioned to withdraw his previous motion and to make the motion to table but for staff to continue with the training to the department heads, seconded by Douglas with unanimous consent.

Item 2013-07-089 Urban Redevelopment Plan & Opportunity Zone; Ms. Hale addressed the board and explained the definition of a Opportunity Zone being that it allows the area to be able to offer a higher level of job tax incentives to companies that want to locate here. With this the county would be able to offer $3500.00 per job with a minimum of two jobs created for any type of business and enables the county to offer more incentives for a more diverse type of development. Ms. Hale explained that she is asking for approval to advertise the redevelopment plan and hold a public hearing at the August 12, 2013 meeting, then at a later adopt a resolution. Manning then approached the podium for his take on this and his agreement with proceeding forward. Douglas motioned to approve and proceed, seconded by McDaniel with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-090 Contract Recommendation – ATT Telephone Centrex Contract; Manning explained to the board that this contract that needed to be put in place to have regarding the phone system for the county. Douglas motioned to approve the contract, seconded by McDaniel, Patterson asking for discussion, if it had the ability to be bid out, motioned passed with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-091 Contract Recommendation – ATT ISDN Telephone Service; Manning explained this is just for the lines its self. Douglas motioned to approve, seconded by Patterson with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-092 Section 12(e) (2) and (3) language revisions; McDaniel addressed the board with the following changes and to add the underlined portions to the code: (2) to hire/appoint or remove all employees of the county, under the jurisdiction of the board of commissioners, expect the county attorney, county clerk and members of the boards, commissions, and authorities, who shall be hired/appointed or removed by the board of commissioners. The hiring/appointing or removal of employees of the county, who are at department head levels or higher positions, shall require approval of the board of commissioners; (3) To exercise administrative authority and supervision over all departments and personnel under the jurisdiction of the board of commissioners, Any decisions to implement, alter or eliminate services or programs in the county or to open or close any county facilities, shall require approval of the board of commissioners; seconded by Henderson for discussion, Mr. O’Quinn stated, at a later date the personnel policy will have to be brought back up. The motion for language revisions for approval passed with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Item 2013-07-093 McDaniel presented a slide show of the tree removal project in Indian Springs.

Item 2013-07-094 Sheriff Long addressed the board with his recommendations for security measures for the Administration building needed a desk in the front lobby as a demand post, to only allow citizens to enter and exit out of the same door and to have two part time deputies on duty. Sheriff Long explained that just the appearance will make a huge change.

Public Comment: None

Item 2013-07-092* Executive Session for litigation, personnel and real estate; Henderson motioned to enter at 7:25 pm, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded. Douglas motioned to reconvene, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Mr. O’Quinn stated, The Board considered potential litigation during executive session. Specifically, the developer of the Great American Travel Center on Highway 16 at I-75 has retained counsel, who put the county on notice that Great American would sue the County unless the County approved its construction plans and issued permits. The County retained special counsel to advise the County on this matter. After many weeks of negotiations both sides have agreed to enter into a Development Agreement that will put this project back on track in a manner that protects the County’s interests in this important area, and thereby avoid costly and time consuming litigation in Court. The Board has decided to approve this Development Agreement based on the recommendations of its legal counsel, county staff, and the county engineer. McDaniel motioned to approve and to enter into the Development Agreement and authorize the chairman to sign, seconded by Douglas with a 5-0 vote recorded.

Adjournment: by Douglas, seconded by McDaniel with 5-0 vote recorded.

To be ratified this 12th day of August, 2013