The solar eclipse, which should be at its peak in Butts County around 2:38PM on Monday, August 21st is a very rare event and finding a good and safe place to view it is important. Fortunately we have a great place to view the eclipse away from traffic and with unobstructed views of the sky at Daughtry Recreation Park!

We want to encourage people who are able to get out and enjoy the eclipse to use Daughtry Park as a place to come and watch the sky. With plenty of parking and wide open spaces, it’s the ideal place to enjoy the solar eclipse. Pack a snack, bring a chair and come out to watch this event which we rarely ever get to see in our area.

Butts County strongly warns those coming out to the park or viewing the eclipse from any location not to look directly at the sun during the eclipse or at any other time. Permanent, irreversible eye damage can occur. Wear protective eyewear made specifically for viewing the eclipse. Sun glasses will not protect your eyes from damage!