Docket (Depending on meeting needs, the order may be subject to change)

9:00 AM

2018-05-103 Approval of Docket Chairman Crumbley

2018-05-104 Budget Session Mr. Steve Layson
Ms. Rhonda Blissit

2018-05-105 Resolution Authorizing Obtaining a Future Tax Anticipation Note Mr. Michael Brewer

2018-05-106 Resolution Creating a Limited Enrollment Early Retirement Option Mr. Michael Brewer

2018-05-107 Executive Session: Personnel & Real Estate Chairman Crumbley

12:00 PM LUNCH

1:30 PM

2018-05-108 Budget Session Mr. Steve Layson/Staff
A. Constitutional & Elected Officers
B. Other Budget Needs

2018-05-109 Adjournment Chairman Crumbley