Emergency Services


Chief Mike Wilson, Fire/EMS Director
Chief Mike Wilson, Fire/EMS Director

Chief Michael Wilson is the Director of Emergency Services for Butts County. The Department of Emergency Services includes the functions of EMS, Fire and Fire Marshal Services and also houses the Office of Emergency Management. These services are broken down in the following areas  of services to Butts County citizens:

  • Emergency Medical Services & EMS Billing
  • Emergency Management & Homeland Security
  • Fire Department
  • Fire Marshal’s Office

The Department provides Fire and EMS coverage through a total matrix of six stations throughout the County, including one EMS station, two Fire stations and three Fire/EMS combo stations. Headquarters for the Department is located at the Indian Springs Fire Station on Highway 42 South of Jackson.

The Department answers between 4500-4900 calls each year and is anticipated to go over 5000 calls for assistance in calendar year 2015. Personnel of the department are cross trained and certified as both firefighters and EMT or Paramedic level responders. Since the first full time County firefighter was hired in 1984, the department has grown from one employee to a total of 43.

Main Contacts & Numbers (For EMERGENCY calls, dial 911)
(770) 775-8201 – Ambulance/EMS Billing-Deborah Collins
(770) 775-8212 – Fire & Emergency Services Director-Michael Wilson
(770) 775-8212 – Fire Department Operations-Asst. Chief Randy Prince
(770) 775-8212 – Fire Department Administrative Assistant-Artisica Stodghill

(770) 775-8212 – EMA Director & Fire Marshal-Glen Goens