The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for a variety of management, public outreach and legislative functions concerned with Records and Archives, Government Relations, Information, Marketing and Tourism. These functions include:

  • Documenting and maintaining the archives of the records of actions undertaken by the Board of Commissioners
  • Preparing the docket and organizing the meetings of the Board of Commissioners
  • Overseeing the processes of responding to Open Records Requests in areas under the Commissioners.
  • Representing the County at official and ceremonial functions and advocating for the County and its outreach to the public
  • Issuing permits for using County property, group assemblies and related.
  • Serving as the Georgia Camera Ready Liaison for the County and issuing permits to film.
  • Facilitating and executing strategic external partnerships at the local, regional, state and federal levels.
  • Serving as the County Legislative Coordinator and maintaining high levels of legislative tracking that allows the County to foresee and respond to emerging issues that can potentially affect its operations.
  • Analyzing and helping to shape public policies that will create business and economic opportunities for the County.
  • Managing the County’s reputation, brand, and image on the local, regional, and state level.
  • Operating effectively through the process of collaborating and partnering with key and strategic stakeholders in the best interests of all involved.
  • Overseeing the marketing outreach and developing economic and tourism potential for Butts County, through partnerships with other local governments, venues, organizations and individuals, as well as coordinating these efforts through the various state offices engaged in Georgia tourism.
  • Serving as Public Affairs Officer in issuing press releases, communications and announcements.
  • Managing the County website, social media output and emergency notifications.

County Clerk Michael Brewer

The Office of County Clerk is held by J. Michael Brewer, who has served Butts County since 1986. Active in the Butts County community for many years in various civic, educational and public policy endeavors, he has spent more than three decades working for the County, including 3 years as County Administrator and 5 years as Deputy County Administrator over County Operations. He was also the County’s first full time Personnel Administrator, overseeing Human Resources in conjunction with other duties for 13 years in total.

His tenure as County Administrator saw the opening of two new County Fire Stations and a new Senior Citizens Center, as well as a new driver’s training facility at the County-owned Southern Crescent Technical College. Additionally, under his leadership, the County achieved the highest level of reserve funds in its history, as well as qualified for Moody’s excellent AA2 credit rating during some of the worst years of the recession.

Mr. Brewer is a past Chairman of the Butts County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, where he served as a Board Member for 6 years. He also served as a Board Member for 9 years on the Southern Crescent Technical College Board of Directors, the last 5 of which were as Chairman of the Board. He additionally has served in the past as President of the Jackson-Butts County Rotary Club; Secretary of the McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council Board of Directors; President of the Georgia Association of Terminal Agency Coordinators; Capital Campaign Chairman for United Way of Butts County; Board Member for Leadership Butts County; Chairman of the Butts County E-911 Advisory Board and Member of the Board of Directors for the Technical College Director’s Association of Georgia. He has actively served as a Board Member on the Sylvan Grove Hospital Board of Directors since 2005 and has been Chairman since 2006. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Butts County Partners for Smart Growth, a local civic organization that supports smart, sustainable community growth and development, and most recently he completed his third term on the Piedmont Academy Board of Trustees. Finally, in 2016, he was tapped to chair the newly created Butts County Tourism Board.

Mr. Brewer’s various contributions have been acknowledged in several ways. In 1998, Governor Zell Miller presented him with the Governor’s Public Safety Award, the state’s highest honor for contributions to public safety. Since then he has received the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Excellence in Community Service Award (2005) and the Chamber of Commerce Shining Light Award (2006), both for leading a successful half-million dollar fundraising drive to obtain a technical college campus for Butts County; The Butts County Citizen of the Year Award for efforts on behalf of post secondary educational opportunities for Butts County (2007) and again for a quarter century of exceptional local government service (2011); The Southern Crescent Technical College President’s Award of Excellence (2013) for service as Board Chairman and a number of commendations and service awards dating back over the past three decades.

Mr. Brewer is a graduate of Leadership Butts County, the North Georgia Conference Leadership UMC program, the Georgia Academy for Economic Development and the Regional Leadership Institute, as well as the University of Georgia, where he holds certificates in the Governmental Accounting program, the Certified County Official certificate and the Management Development Program (MDP) diploma. He is a 2006 graduate of Emory University’s Candler School of Theology MTS Program, holding two diplomas from the university. He also has earned over thirty certifications in public safety, public policy, government and education.

He has been actively involved with the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia for many years, having served on both the Economic Development and Public Safety Committees, as well as having served on the design team that developed the curriculums currently used to certify local government officials and commissioners. He enjoys writing and has contributed a number of articles and writings that have been published in various newspapers, tourism blogs and magazines, as well as been a guest speaker at writer’s symposiums in Georgia. He resides near Jackson, Georgia with his wife Lara and their son, Ethan.

He is tasked with enhancing the County’s relationship with State legislative and administrative officials, associated stakeholders, partner local governments, and other County staff, to help influence decision making that supports the County’s mission and strategic plan at the local, regional and state level. His position requires an integration into the political landscape and staying informed of legislative and regulatory developments that can affect the County’s objectives in order to strategize and execute actions that achieve the desired outcomes. The County Clerk is responsible for legislative and regulatory analysis, policy recommendations, establishing and advocating for legislative positions on state legislation for the County, and keeping the County’s key leadership up-to-date on any changes in legislation, regulations, or other policies that might affect the way the County does business.

His office also oversees County marketing outreach, including tourism, economic development, social media, the film industry and other areas which relate directly to the advancement of the County. He works and collaborates with partner local governments, including the Cities of Jackson, Flovilla and Jenkinsburg, local Authority Boards and the Butts County School System, as well as State government, plus other community organizations, to provide an integrated service delivery strategy and to further the working relationships among all affected parties.

Contact: J. Michael Brewer
Phone: 770-775-8200
Twitter: @JMichaelBrewer

Regarding Open Records Requests

One of the key functions of the Office of County Clerk is to also receive requests for records under the Open Records laws of the State of Georgia. Requestors may make request of such records from the Office of the Clerk during regular business hours of the County. The requests may be made in person, by mail or by telephone. If made by mail, it is recommended that this be sent via certified mail to ensure delivery and proper receipt. Butts County will not be responsible for Open Record Requests that we do not receive.  For more information on how to request a public record, please click here.

The Open Records Act only requires the provision of records which actually exist and are on hand. Requests for records or documents in a particular format, layout or containing only specific criteria which that County has not actually created and has no reason to create for County purposes are not covered under the Act.

Please note that requests for Open Records from the following agencies must be made through these agencies; the Office of County Clerk only covers those departments that are under the direct control of the Board of Commissioners. For records pertaining to the following offices or agencies, please contact them directly.

  • Coroner
  • Elections Office
  • Juvenile Court and Clerk of Juvenile Court
  • Library Board of Directors
  • Magistrate Court
  • Probate Court
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Superior Court and Clerk of Superior Court
  • Tax Assessors
  • Tax Commissioner

Mail completed forms to 625 W. Third Street, Suite 4, Jackson, GA 30233


Since the formation of the Butts County Board of Commissioners, 22 appointees have held the Office of Clerk of Butts County:

  1. Joseph Jolly
  2. J.W. Benson
  3. J.T. Moore
  4. J.O. Beauchamp
  5. J.H. Ham
  6. B.H. Hodges
  7. W. H. Wilson
  8. A.F. Taylor
  9. W.H. Wilson
  10. J.G. McDonald
  11. C.M. Compton
  12. W.M. Redmon
  13. Billy Sutton
  14. Ruby Kate Moore
  15. Jeanene Fitzgerald
  16. Jacqueline R. Cavender
  17. Gregory Popham
  18. J. Michael Brewer
  19. M. Dianne Holloway
  20. Jessica Reynolds
  21. Crystal Griggs Epps
  22. Chiquita R. Barkley
  23. J. Michael Brewer