ButtsCountyGeD05aR03aP01ZL-Madison3a_mdmThe Butts County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing on Thursday, June 25th 2015 at 5PM concerning the proposed FY2016 budget. County staff presented the budget statement to the public during the public hearing portion of the meeting, after which the hearing was opened to the public for input and comments. The questions and comments posed mainly centered around clarification on the Leisure Services budget, Jail Fund, Development Authority funding and the Senior Citizens Center budget. Recommendations from the public included increased funding for the Senior Center in the future due to the large growth in programs offered by the Center such as “Meals on Wheels”.

Highlights on the budget presentation included:

  • A discussion on the millage rate and how it would be broken down on a tax bill (see slide below). Assuming there are no changes to what the Board of Education has proposed on their millage rate, the overall millage rate for the county will be slightly lower than it was.
  • Of particular importance is the removal of one mil of tax from the county millage rate and dedicating that mil to the Butts County Hospital Authority. Currently, the County millage rate is 14.281 mils, which has included the Hospital Authority funding as part of the overall budget. The County millage will now reflect a 13.281 mil rate and a 1.000 mill rate for the Hospital Authority, with no net increase or decrease. This will help to ensure a stable and secure funding source for the hospital in the future that won’t be tied to the County budget.
  • The budget proposed decreased as a result of this and other cuts by $577,146.00 to a proposed $18,583,714.00

A copy of the budget is available for inspection in the Board of Commissioner’s Office. On July 2nd, 2015, three called meetings will take place as follows:

  • A called meeting at 5:00 PM to adopt the County M & O for FY2016
  • A called meeting at 5:15 PM to adopt the County millage rate for FY2016
  • A called meeting at 5:30 PM to adopt the total millage rate, including County, State, School and Hospital

The proposed combined millage rate for FY2016 is shown below in green, compared to the current FY2015 millage rate shown in pink.