Some citizens of Butts County may have received calls, postcards or visits by representatives of a company who, after trying to retrieve personal information, also ask permission to “test” their water. They may try to represent themselves as government representatives who are concerned about water quality in our area.

Our local water authority wants you to know that this is a scam to sell water filtration equipment. Since the our water system already tests the water throughout the local system each month, there is no need for any citizen to agree to contract with such a company.

Americans enjoy some of the best drinking water in the world due in part to the strict water treatment regulations and standards enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) in the state.

“We are proud to provide our citizens with the high quality water that is tested regularly to meet all requirements,” said Butts County, et al. Water & Sewer Authority General Manager Marcie Seleb. “Our drinking water does not need additional treatment to meet the regulations.”

In the event that water did not meet water quality requirements set by EPA and the State of Georgia —which is not the case—the system would be required to notify the public of such a violation via various public notification mechanisms in accordance with the requirement of Safe Drinking Water Act.

In some cases, people with well water may have iron, sulfur, or other metals or materials that may be unpleasant to smell or taste or may even cause staining to clothing or plumbing fixtures. Others, on the public system, might even want to install a filter to remove the taste of the trace chlorine disinfectant which is needed to keep water free of bacteria. Those people may want to contact a local licensed treatment provider or a home improvement store for assistance and advice.