Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM
Preliminaries- Chairman McDaniel

-Call to order
-Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

DOCKET No.                        ACTION ITEMS
2014-08-154   Approval of Agenda
2014-08-155   Approval of Minutes-July 3rd, 14th and 21st

Five Star Employee Award – Billy Holton

 Old Business
2014-07-133     Second Reading – Request to Amend the County’s Alcohol Regulations
2014-07-141     Blue Sombrero

New Business
2014-08-156     Groundbreaking Date for Indian Springs Fire Station #8
2014-08-157     Annual Renewal for Kip’s Enterprises – Special Use For Church
2014-08-158     Butts County Code of Ethics
2014-08-159     Request for Board to be a Sponsor for Jackson Alive

Requisitions – Consent Agenda
2014-08-160   SPLOST 2012   Cross Drain Pipes for Douglas Creek Rd. $2,344.00

Public Comments

Other Business
2014-08-162       Vacant and Foreclosure Real Property Registry Ordinance Comment
2014-08-163       Parent Accountability Court Program Presentation

2014-08-164       Executive Session
2014-08-165       Executive Session Summary
2014-08-166       Adjournment