Please read the following job requirements and qualifications carefully. Applicants must meet the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for the position for consideration. Deadline to apply is July 21, 2017

Accounting Technician ADMIN/5


This position is responsible for processing and maintaining financial transaction records for the County.

• Processes accounts payable and receipts on a daily basis; reviews invoices, purchase orders; records detailed transaction information in database.
• Answers the phone and responds to requests for information.
• Prints, mails, and submits checks for accounts payable.
• Services as liaison with other departments regarding financial inquiries.
• Issues purchase orders and categorizes purchases.
• Balances monthly bank statements for 25 accounts monthly.
• Prepares bills for local governments for utility usage.
• Approves supplies order requests.
• Oversees credit card purchases; issues credit card as requested.
• Manages fee deposits.
• Prepares monthly fuel reports.
• Records travel expenses, meals and mileage.
• Assists in planning event logistics.
• Serves as official record keeper for the County; maintains records of contracts, leases, applications, ordinances, resolutions, and official letters
• Responds to open records requests in accordance with state and federal laws.
• Coordinates County Commission meetings; prepares agenda; maintains minutes and meeting records; drafts correspondence.
• Acts as liaison between County Commissions and general public; responds to inquiries and requests for information
• Oversees process of codifying new ordinances.
• Organizes and manages training schedules, courses and certifications for Board members; arranges travel and lodging for Commissioners.
• Coordinates special projects as requested including organizing logistics and marketing events.
• Manages County property insurance records and policies including filing claims, adding property, and renewals.
• Oversees maintenance and refueling of County vehicles.
• Performs related duties.

• Knowledge of accounting standards and practices.
• Knowledge of related federal, state, and local laws.
• Knowledge of computers and job related software programs.
• Skill in the preparation of clear and precise administrative reports.
• Skill in oral and written communication.
• Skill in interpersonal relations.


The Controller assigns work in terms of general instructions. The supervisor spot-checks completed work for compliance with procedures, accuracy, and the nature and propriety of the final results.


Guidelines include County and department policies and procedures, County codes and ordinances, and related federal, state, and local laws. These guidelines are generally clear and specific but may require some interpretation in application.


• The work consists of related administrative and clerical duties.
• The purpose of this position is to assist in maintaining financial records and transactions for the County. Successful performance helps ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all County government operations.


• Contacts are typically with coworkers, other County employees, vendors, and members of the general public.
• Contacts are typically to provide services or to give or exchange information.


• The work is typically performed while sitting at a desk or table. The employee occasionally lifts light objects.
• The work is typically performed in an office.




• Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with completion of specialized training in the field of work, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a high school education, or a combination of education, experience and skills that meet the prerequisites of the position.
• Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or having had a similar position for one to two years.