Our elected body and our staff will create an organizational culture of workforce enrichment, encouragement, teamwork, trust, respect, creativity and innovation. We will be leaders in innovation, fiscal responsibility, targeted financial resource planning and have a sustainable tax base. – Strategic Priorities of Butts County. 



Commissioner Ken Rivers, District 1, elected 2016; took office 2017; first term. Commissioner Rivers represents the north, northeast and eastern portions of Butts County including Worthville, Jackson Lake and Stark. He is an insurance professional who owns his own insurance business and is a graduate of the Georgia Academy of Economic Development. Follow Commissioner Rivers on Twitter @KenRiversNet to keep up with things going on in District 1 and the County. More information will be coming soon. Please check back in the near future for more information.



Commissioner Robert L. Henderson, Sr., District 2, elected 2008; took office 2009; second term. Commissioner Henderson represents the southeast and southern portions of Butts County including Flovilla, Cork, Mt. Vernon and portions of Jackson. He is the owner of R.L. Henderson and Sons Tree Removal Service and also serves as the Pastor of Rock Creek Baptist Church in Indian Springs. He holds certification as both a Basic and Advanced County Commissioner. He was elected Vice Chairman for 2013, 2014 and 2015.



Commissioner Joe Brown, Jr., District 3, elected 2014; took office 2015; first term. Commissioner Brown represents the southern, southwestern and western portions of Butts County including south Jackson, Towaliga and portions of McKibben. He is currently employed as the President of American Mills. Prior to his assuming this elected office, he served for a number of years on the Butts County Industrial Development Authority, as well as multiple terms elected to the Butts County Board of Education as a school board member.



Commissioner Keith Douglas, District 4, elected 2009; took office 2009; re-elected 2010 and 2014; completed previous commissioner term and is currently in second term of office in his own right. Commissioner Douglas represents the central district which includes portions of Jackson, southern Jenkinsburg; Shiloh and surrounding areas. He is employed by the Georgia Department of Corrections and holds certification as both a Basic and Advanced County Commissioner. He served as Vice Chairman for 2012 and he is the currently serving Board Chairman for the 2016 calendar year.



Commissioner Russ Crumbley, District 5, elected 2016; took office 2017; fourth term. Commissioner Crumbley previously served three consecutive terms from the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s. Commissioner Crumbley represents the west, northwest and northern portions of Butts County including Worthville; Fincherville and North Jenkinsburg. He is retired from Central Georgia EMC and currently works part-time for Sherrell-Westbury Funeral Home of Jackson. Check back soon for updated information and contact information for Commissioner Crumbley.