Office Closings for Columbus Day

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The Tax Commissioner’s Office, Clerk of Superior Court, Probate and Magistrate Court Offices will be closed for Columbus Day today.  All other County offices will be open.

October 13, 2014 – Regular Meeting Docket

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Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM
Preliminaries- Vice Chairman Henderson
-Call to order
-Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

2014-10-188   Approval of Agenda
2014-10-189   Approval of Minutes-September 8th and September 22nd

Old Business
2014-06-116 Honeywell
2014-07-132 Public Hearing – Joe L. Knight Rezoning Request
2014-08-173 Administration’s Salary Study Results

New Business
2014-10-190 Authorize Chairman to sign 2014 Performance Partnership
Agreement with GA Emergency Management Agency
2014-10-191 Change Order for Repair – Gym A
2014-10-192 Paperless Agenda Software Contract Recommendation

Public Comments

2014-10-194 Executive Session (if needed)
2014-10-195   Executive Session Summary
2014-10-196   Adjournment

Board of Commissioner’s to Meet October 13th

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The Board of Commissioners will hold a regular meeting on October 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM in the C. Wayne King Auditorium at 625 W. Third Street, Jackson, GA.  The public is invited to attend.

The Commission meets on the 2nd  Monday of each month at 6PM at the above location unless otherwise posted.  For more information, contact the County Clerk, Crystal Griggs-Epps at


Work Continues on Douglas Creek Road

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2014073095130959Road paving is never a simple process and it can sometimes take years to get a project off of the drawing board and into reality. Such has been the case with Douglas Creek Road, a 1.7 mile long dirt road serving approximately 75 residents in around 23 households.

The road has been on the priority paving list for a number of years but new paving projects pretty much ground to a halt after the near-Depression conditions that started around 2008.

Funds to pave roads in the county primarily come from the Georgia Department of Transportation  and not from property taxes, which go mainly towards maintenance and upkeep of existing roads.

When the State’s coffers began to dry up, the County did not receive funding at the levels most counties had become accustomed to and first-time paving of roads became reduced considerably and in some cases virtually nonexistent.

Approval for Douglas Creek Road finally came through using Special Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes specifically set aside for road improvement projects. Work has been underway for several weeks improving the existing road bed to the standards required by Georgia DOT, which include a 60 foot right of way (30 feet from the center of the road in both directions). This has involved the removal of trees in the right of way, as well as the shaping of slopes, improving visibility where needed and digging out ditches. Given the length of the road, this can take a number of months to complete as the work is being done solely at this point by the County Public Works Department. Once this process is complete, the application of the triple-surface paving material can begin. Triple-surface is a lower-traffic grade of paving material than the type of asphalt used on heavily travelled roads and streets and is more ideally suited for rural use which has lower traffic, allowing the paving material to last a lot longer. It has enabled counties to pave roads at attainable costs where before it would have not been cost efficient.

20140804_143009Douglas Creek Road lies within County District 1, which is represented by Commissioner Gator Hodges. During his tenure in office, Hodges has heard from a considerable number of residents on the road who wished for it to be paved. “I am glad that we are finally in a position to be able to make needed improvements to this road” said Hodges. “Douglas Creek Road has been on the paving priority list for a long time and it will be nice to check that one off the list once this project is finished”.

Once completed near the end of the year, the County has plans to begin the same process on a road in District 2, Riley Road. This road connects Higgins Road to Flovilla and is also a dirt road. It was the top priority road in District 2.

“While it is great that we can use SPLOST funds to improve local roads, I am still hopeful that as the economy improves, that the State will begin to funnel more money into the counties again” said County Administrator Michael Brewer. “Georgia workers send a good bit of income tax money to Atlanta each year and roads was always one of the best ways to get a return on what our citizens paid in. Despite all that, I am very pleased with the work being done by our two State Representatives and our State Senator to ensure that Butts County continues to get their fair share at that level” he concluded.

20140918_141044Weather plays a critical concern in building roads but so far, the weather has been mostly cooperative with a few exceptions. “We hope for a balance of good weather in the months ahead to help us keep this project on track and get it finished on schedule” remarked Brewer. “Good weather is a public works department’s best friend.

Commissioner Hodges also commended Public Works Director Marty Long and Director of Operations Douglas Manning and their employees for the work done on this project. “I’ve been down to the site a number of times since it began and these guys are doing a great job with this project” said Hodges. “They can take pride in this when it is done”.

Barkley Completes CFO Certification

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image1 copy 2Butts County Controller Chiquita R. Barkley recently completed the University of Georgia’s Certified Local Government Finance Officer program. The program focuses on an intense curriculum which concentrates on financial operations at the local government level, enhancing the knowledge and abilities of persons engaged with executive level finance. Barkley began the course, which consists of several modules, in September of 2013 and finished the program in June of this year. She was awarded her certificate this week at the meeting of the Georgia Government Finance Officer’s Association.

” I want to congratulate Ms. Barkley on this accomplishment” stated County Administrator Michael Brewer on Friday. “Those who seek this level of professional certification are committed to managing county finances within the strict boundaries required by law. It covers many aspects of financial management including investments, purchasing, treasury management, accountancy and understanding the legal aspects of public funds”.

Barkley completed the course in under a year which is an accomplishment in itself. This has positioned her well to begin work on the second level of certification which covers advanced level financial management training.

Notice of Workshop

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Butts County Board of Commissioners will hold a Workshop on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 5:00PM.  The workshop will be held in the C. Wayne King Auditorium located at 625 W. Third Street, Jackson, GA.  The public is invited to attend.

Transportation Board Meeting Canceled

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The Transportation Board Meeting has been canceled for September 25, 2014. The next meeting date for the Board will be October 23, 2014 at 6:00PM in the C. Wayne King Auditorium located at 625 W. Third Street, Suite 4 Jackson, GA 30233.