Douglas Receives Advanced Certification

photo copy 23The Butts County Board of Commissioners recognized District 4 Commissioner Keith Douglas for having completed the Certified Commissioner Advanced Program at the April 14th meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Douglas received the certification in a special ceremony held on April 11th by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia. The advanced level curriculum provides enhanced knowledge of all area of the basic certification level and adds several more including treasury management, ethics, leadership, finance, policy and other areas of governance. Douglas joins Commissioner’s Gator Hodges, Robert Henderson and Roger McDaniel in obtaining this level of certification and is in fact only the 7th Butts County Commissioner to attain the advanced commissioner certification.

The educational and certification components are taught by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Certification is important because elected leaders need to have a complete understanding of their role as local policymakers, knowledge of the legal, moral and ethical responsibilities they must adhere to, and how they can better the county they represent. The basic certification course, which all five commissioners hold, generally takes a year to two years to complete depending on how the individual is able to schedule the classes; the advanced course, which is longer, includes additional requirements such as writing a paper covering the concepts taught and how to apply them to their role as elected leaders.

Pictured above are Commissioner’s Keith Douglas and Roger McDaniel (Front Row, L-R) and Commissioners Mike Patterson, Gator Hodges and Robert Henderson (Back Row, L-R)


4-H Extension Service Moves

The Butts County Extension Service, which includes the 4-H programs for Butts County will reopen on Monday, April 14th in their new home on Ernest Biles Drive in the Community Center. The move, which has been in the planning stages for several months, will accomplish several key goals, primary of which is to put more youth programs under one roof.

“When the Senior Citizens Center relocated to their new facility, this left part of the building vacant” said County Administrator Michael Brewer on Friday. “Putting their programs in close proximity to youth recreational programs makes sense because together, a new level of synergy can be achieved. While a number of children and youth are involved in both sports and 4-H programs, this could open up more doors of opportunity for kids in one program who may not know much about the other”.

Extension Services also deal heavily with agricultural concerns in the County and this will continue from the new location. In addition to more modern work space, there will also be better parking and access to the offices than at the old facility on South Mulberry Street. County Commissioners voted recently to have that facility appraised to determine its value for possible sale of the property.

All services at the 4-H Extension Service should be operational by Monday morning following the move, which was completed this week. Phone service has already been restored and the offices can be contacted for more information at 770-775-8209

Primary Early Voting Begins Soon

Early voting in the primary elections begins on April 28th this year and ends on May 16th, earlier than in previous years due to changes in election laws on the Federal and State levels. Beginning on the 28th, registered voters who have registered to vote by April 21st at 5PM will be eligible to vote at the Administration Building early. Once early voting ends, those wishing to vote will be required to vote at their polling places on Primary Day, which is May 20th.

It is important to remember that this event is a Primary Election, which means that when you go to vote, you will have to request either a Democrat or a Republican ballot and this will limit some choices of who you can vote for.

In Commission District 3, two Republicans are running for County Commissioner with no Democrats in contention. This means that if a voter wants to vote for a County Commissioner candidate, they will need to request a Republican ballot and won’t be able to vote in the primary for any of the Democratic candidates running for State Office (Governor, Lieutenant Governor) or Federal Office (US Senator, US Representative). They will be able to vote for any Republicans running for office on Local, State and Federal Level.

In Commission District 4, the opposite occurs where two Democrats are running for County Commissioner with no Republicans in the race. Voters in that district wishing to vote for County Commissioner candidates will have to request a Democratic ballot which will only list Democratic contenders for office. If a voter requests a Republican ballot, they will be able to vote only for Republican candidates, excluding them from voting for Commissioner.

In the upcoming primary elections, it will be important for voters to be aware that they will have to choose a party ballot to vote on and that not all candidates running will be on the ballot. That does not occur until the November General Election, when all remaining candidates of both parties appear on the ballot.

Since Commission Districts 1, 2 and 5 are not up for election this year, the choice of which party to vote in may be less complicated in those districts as they will be focused mainly on State and Federal elected office; however, if voters have split views on certain candidates, the same issue will occur. Republican ballots will only have Republican candidates for office, while Democratic ballots will only have Democratic candidates.

School Board elections this year are not at issue in the Primary as these seats are Non-Partisan and not subject to political party primaries. These candidates will appear on both ballots regardless of party. If you need further clarification about voting in the Primary Elections, please call the Board of Elections Office at 770-775-8202 for more information.

Important Dates to Remember:

Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary: April 21

Early Primary Voting Begins: April 28

Early Primary Voting Ends: May 16

Primary Election Day: May 20

Runoff Election Day: July 22 (Only if needed)

General Election: November 4

Runoff Election Day: December 2 (Only if Needed)

Four Inducted Into Recreation Hall of Fame

cropped-butts-county-ga-2.jpgThe Butts County Department of Leisure Services held its 15th annual Volunteer Recognition & Hall of Fame Induction Banquet on March 31st at the Community Center. Four area citizens were inducted this year into the Parks and Recreation Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions of time, resources and effort over many years to make the Parks and Recreation element of Leisure Services better for the community. This year’s inductees included:

  • Tim Kersey (Posthumously)
  • John Morgan
  • Mike Peters
  • Susan Ryan

In addition to the Hall of Fame, Coaches Awards were given this year to the following individuals:

  • Basketball-Troy Stubbs
  • Baseball-Jesse Duffey
  • Softball-Larry Drake
  • Soccer-Russ Ellington
  • Football-Cedric Head
  • Cheerleading-Michelle Barfield

Also receiving an award for being a 10 Year Sponsor this year was Chuck’s Tire and Auto while special recognition was given to the 13-14 Year Old State Baseball Champions.

County Administrator Michael Brewer commented that “Each of these individuals named deserve special recognition for all that they contribute to our parks and recreation programs and the youth of Butts County. Those who come after them and who see the names of our inductees will have excellent examples of people who made a significant difference in many lives and an overall impact on the quality of life in Butts County”.

The banquet was sponsored by Atlanta South Travel Center and the Ryan family, who also organize the annual benefit golf tournament, which provides additional funding to the Parks and Recreation division of Leisure Services.

March 24, 2014 – Called Meeting Minutes


 A called meeting of the Butts County Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6:06 PM, Monday on March 24, 2014 in the C. Wayne King Auditorium, Jackson, Georgia by Chairman, Roger McDaniel. Vice Chairman Henderson led the invocation.


Roger D. McDaniel, Chairman
Robert L. Henderson, Sr., Vice-Chairman
J. Keith Douglas, Commissioner
Mike Patterson, Commissioner
Michael Brewer, County Administrator
Michael O’Quinn, County Attorney
Crystal Griggs-Epps, County Clerk


G.S. “Gator” Hodges, Commissioner


A.  Approval of Docket

Item 2014-03-053       Chairman McDaniel asked is there anything to add or delete from the agenda? Commissioner Patterson requested to postpone the Competitive Broker Bid and the Progress of the Flovilla Fire Station items until the next regular scheduled meeting. The County Clerk requested to add Sheriff Long on the agenda to talk about the Wrecker Ordinance. Commissioner Patterson made a motion to accept the changes to the agenda, Vice Chairman Henderson seconded the motion. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

B.  New Business

Item 2014-03-054       Mrs. Christy Lawson presented the annual update to the Capital Improvement Element plan. Three Rivers and DCA both have reviewed and approved the plan. The Planning Commission have given a recommendation of approval as well. Chairman McDaniel stated there are some revisions that will need to be made to this; however, everything is not ready at this point, so we will go ahead and move with it now. Attorney O’Quinn opened a public hearing to hear any favors or opposition; in which there were none. The public hearing was then closed by the Chairman. Vice Chairman Henderson made a motion to adopt the updates to the Capital Improvements Element, Commissioner Patterson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2014-03-055       Mrs. Christy Lawson presented the annual update to the Short Term Work Program. Three Rivers and DCA both have reviewed and approved the plan. The Planning Commissioner have given a recommendation of approval as well. Mr. O’Quinn opened a public hearing to hear any favors or opposition; in which there were none. The public hearing was then closed by the Chairman. Vice Chairman Henderson made a motion to adopt the updates to the Short Term Work Program, Commissioner Patterson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

 Item 2014-03-056       Commissioner Patterson presented the flashing caution signs for Shiloh Road and Hwy 16 curve. He stated that he had received several calls about this area. Sheriff Long added that it would help if we had a flashing caution sign at Dub Walker Road and another one placed 500 feet towards town. This is not a fix all, but maybe enough to slow the cars down to prevent an accident. Commissioner Patterson made a motion to request Mr. Brewer to contact DOT for information on obtaining flashing caution signs and bringing the prices back to the Board, Vice Chairman Henderson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2014-03-057       Sheriff Long briefed the Board of a criminal case concerning a local Wrecker Service Owner, Bobby Hosford which filed abandonment on a 2014 vehicle and then turned around at his own corner lot auction and bought the vehicle for $100.00. Mr. Hosford did place an abandon vehicle ad in the newspaper, however he did not run it for the correct amount of time. Sheriff Long stated that this is the most unethical thing he’s ever seen in his life. Sheriff Long said he thinks the fix to this is to not allow the wrecker companies to take the car to their lot anymore instead take it to the Sheriff’s lot. This will eliminate any storage fees with the wrecker service if the owner of the car does not pick up the car; instead the Sheriff Department will get the storage fees and be able to recoup any money spent once the car is picked up. Commissioner Patterson made a motion to consult with council on this matter and bring it back up at the next meeting for possible action, Vice Chairman Henderson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2014-03-058       Commissioner Patterson addressed the upcoming Transportation Advisory Board Meeting which is scheduled for March 27th at 6:00PM. Commissioner Patterson announced that DOT will be attending the meeting to discuss the one way pairs at length.

Item 2014-03-059       Commissioner Patterson made a motion to enter into executive session to discuss real estate, Vice Chairman Henderson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2014-03-060       Commissioner Douglas made a motion to reconvene into the regular meeting, Commissioner Patterson seconded. Commissioner Patterson made a motion to postpone the decision to demolish the Hawkes Building until the Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting on April 14, 2014; if any governmental entity wishes to acquire the property, they must submit a written offer to the county prior to the Boards’ meeting on April 14th. Commissioner Douglas seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.

Item 2014-03-061       Commissioner Douglas made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Patterson seconded. Vote 4-0, motion carried unanimously.


Transportation Board Meets March 27th

The Joint City-County Transportation Board will meet on Thursday, March 27th at 6PM in the C. Wayne King Auditorium, Butts County Administration Building, 625 West Third Street, Suite 4, Jackson Georgia. The public is invited to attend.

The Transportation Board meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6PM at the above location unless otherwise posted. For more information, contact John Carter, Chairman at

Position Available: 911 Operator

The Butts County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Department is seeking full-time employment for a 9-1-1 Communications Officer. Selected applicants perform critical work relating to the receiving, processing and dispatching of emergency calls; processing and logging of radio traffic between the dispatch center and field emergency and public safety units and performing associated duties and tasks. The position requires the flexibility to work 12 hours shifts which may be day or night shifts depending on the needs of the department. Selected applicants must be versed in multitasking and able to work unimpaired in stressful situations.

We are a drug free work place and all applicants must submit to a drug test and criminal history background check prior to hire. Applications will be accepted until March 28, 2014 5:00 pm and may be picked up at the Commissioner’s Office, 625 W. Third Street, Suite 4, Jackson Georgia 30233.

Note: Applicants must have a clean criminal history. Persons with felony convictions will not be considered under any circumstances due to the nature of the position.

• High School Diploma or equivalent.
• Valid Driver’s License
• Legal ability to seek and secure employment within the United States

For further information, contact the Director of Communications, Sonia Sands, at 770-775-8232, Monday-Friday from 8-5.

Please click here to download an Employment Application.

Butts County is an equal opportunity employer.